ow, we had a fantastic day of workshops during the half term with two very talented guest teachers.

James Grimsey kicked off our day with our Junior students teaching them how to create better sounds whilst singing, which was fascinating to watch. The sheer volume (note, not shouting), coming from individual students was astonishing.

James went on to work with our older students who had already prepared an ‘Audition Song’. It was great to see them all working through their songs looking at the meaning behind the text and bringing that into play when they performed to each other at the end of the session.

The lovely Michael Bell then joined us for our evening Acting classes working with both the Juniors as well as the Inter/Seniors.

It was great to see our younger students working to such a high level showing Michael how focussed and present our smaller members are.

The Inter/Seniors didn’t shy away when working on their ‘Audition Technique’ soaking up everything Michael threw at them.

The tools given in these workshops are priceless and we truly appreciate these incredibly talented and busy teachers visiting our school and sharing invaluable knowledge.

We can’t wait to see you both soon!