We are back! …. “and I’m feeling good” (sorry MT students, that tune is probably already stuck in your head!) 😁

It’s been a long time coming, my clock has been on countdown and Sunday evening felt like Christmas Eve. The more I tried to go to sleep the more my stomach flipped with excitement thinking about the week ahead.

Don’t get me wrong, opening under the new restrictions didn’t come without stress. I had to ensure the studio was ready for a safe return, technical equipment bought and set up and our new starters booked into the appropriate lessons.

The studio has been cleaned from top to toe, markers are stuck on the floor so we all have a clear visual of social distancing, storage shelves repositioned and named so they can be sanitised after every use, one way systems put in place and of course, a super sized screen for our Zoom students so they feel included.

The whole situation has been extremely surreal but if we all keep working together we can make this work as long as the government will allow us to. It may feel strange having to wait on your own yellow line whilst queuing for the studio (rather than you all huddled in a small space catching up with each other) but if we continue to tick those boxes, we know we are doing everything we can to put your safety first whilst being able to continue with your training.

I have been told that the measures at The Attic are much stricter than school, but at least we are doing everything we can to ensure the safety of students and loved ones … as well as learning and having fun.

Our first week back welcomed some new faces to our ‘Attic Family’, so please continue to make them feel at home as we embark on our second week. We also welcomed new teacher Abigayle Hames into our Musical Theatre sessions and next week Tom Hopcroft who will be working with our Actors this term.

It was great to see Josh Kemp with our singing students on zoom and fingers crossed, Josh will be returning to the studio in October.

I am waiting to hear back from ‘Lamda’ regarding exam dates in November but we usually submit students by the end of September so please let me know if you would like to be considered. I will also speak to you in your Lamda sessions so we can assess if you feel prepared enough for this year.

I have to congratulate all our students for their/your integrity when working with our Zoom Students. Some of the work produced this week has been incredible which shows the creativity you are all excelling, well done. This can only get better.

Please can our Play Reading Students remind me to give you a new Attic bookmark for our new term 😊

So, as we approach week 2, please continue to make choices which allow us to continue in the safest way possible, work hard, keep shining and never give up!

Amanda x