As we step into week 20 of online classes it felt the right time to reflect on all of the amazing work our students have been producing over the past 4 months!

I never thought for a minute that zoom would suddenly become my best friend, I don’t think I had even heard of it 6 months ago, but here I am, stepping into week 20 and about to embark on 4 weeks of Summer School!

During the past few months I think many of us have been challenged in so many different ways, but the way our students embraced all of the changes was just exemplary, they never cease to amaze me.

We have worked on several different projects involving many different guest teachers.

We were honoured to welcome 2 Queens from ‘Six the Musical’ into our Musical Theatre session as well as the very talented Jessica Temple, Jess Parker and Michael Bell into our Acting Class.

We have laughed, we have cried, we have clapped on our doorsteps, sung happy birthday (too many times to mention but our hands are gleaming), we have screamed at the internet connection but most of all, we all came through this together.

It was so hard to squeeze all of these amazing memories on one video but we would like to share a glimpse of the wonderful memories we made, during Lockdown 2020.

Thank you to our wonderful Adult Attic Choir singing a cover of ‘Lean on Me’, a song which I believe is extremely poignant during these uncertain times.

Sending positive vibes

Love from The Attic x