“Looking back over the past 21 years, we recall the pledge made by CoolerAid to donate a substantial percentage of their turnover to the support of Lifeline Fund. It was on this basis alone that our charity was first established. The testimonies of thousands of orphans and needy children, many of whom are now nurses, teachers, accountants, clinicians, bricklayers, carpenters, small business owners etc., bear witness to the integrity of CoolerAid, who have faithfully honoured the promise, made in 1999. This family company have been the means of relief to thousands by the provision of clean drinking water, food to the hungry, education to those too poor to afford school and college fees and healthcare to the sick. To all the staff at CoolerAid, we say, on behalf of so many, thank you.” – Lifeline

Fund Co Ordinator, John R. Searle.

Whilst choosing CoolerAid as a preferred water supplier, The Attic Theatre School has also been contributing to the support of The Lifeline Fund, a charity based in Malawi and centred around the care and education of orphaned and vulnerable children. Lifeline Fund was established in 1999 when the first children’s centre was set up at Namisu, Southern Malawi.

Since then, 12 other children’s centres have been set up including the Dawn centre – a specialised home for children with varying disabilities. As well as the care centres, Lifeline Fund has also focused on infant rescue, vocational education & the Aged Project Trust. Today, The Lifeline Fund can proudly say it has helped over 3,000 children who have gone on to graduate university, start careers, families, and live life to the fullest.
Since 1999 when the charity was first established, £8,194,332 has been donated to the cause.

We are proud to say that The Attic Theatre School have played a part in reaching this incredible number of donations and contributed to an amazing cause.