Wow, what a year!

There have been moments when I have not known whether to laugh, cry, stand in a dark room and scream, hug those around me and not let go … the list goes on. But we have made it through.

Not only did we make it through another tough year, we have expanded our school, changed studios, gained some wonderful new teachers, achieved incredible LAMDA results, been awarded Nottingham’s Musical Theatre School 2021 and created some fantastic work across all of our lessons … oh, and performed our first show in a theatre in 2 years!! So yes, I am feeling pretty accomplished at the end of 2021, exhausted, but against all odds Team Attic have certainly pulled together this year!

I feel so proud to be principal of such a wonderful school that not only delivers 1st class training but creates a safe, happy and nurturing environment too. Dont get me wrong, there are times when our students are pushed out of their comfort zones but isnt that what learning is all about. Learning to step into unknown territories and make mistakes in a ‘safe place’ and most importantly, growing from those ‘mistakes’.

Whether that be about time management, forgotten homework or simply misunderstanding an exercise in a workshop. This is all about expanding our knowledge and adding tools to our belt to become stronger and more competent at our craft. None of this happens without hard work, because as I constantly remind my students that in life, not just at The Attic, if you fail to prepare, then you must prepare to fail …. But every time I go into the studio my students continue to inspire me and nothing gives me more pleasure than being part of a young persons journey and watching them evolve into strong performers who are not afraid to make bold choices.

The Christmas Show was exactly the place where bold choices had to be made. We entered the world of ‘spoken world’ which most of our students associated with negativity from school, but my goodness, they delivered a powerful performance which reduced our audience members to tears. They stepped into roles at the last minute when fellow students couldn’t make it on stage, learnt how to become a ‘swing’ because Covid would hit without any warning at all, even Abi, one of our teachers got thrown onto the stage during the dress rehearsal!

Some of our senior students were not only concentrating on their own performance but were heavily involved backstage with costume changes, organising younger students and keeping one eye on the scene in case they needed to step in, it was all systems go but we certainly put the T in Team!

Following our final show, the emotions got the better of me. The flood gates opened, the voice was a trembling mess and the makeup came streaming down my face! The love and support in that theatre was just overwhelming, because WE, not me, not just the students, but teachers, students and parents all pulled together to ensure that the ‘Show did go on’! It was just a huge relief following this crazy year that we have all shared together, that feeling of standing strong together was just indescribable.

So thank you, from the bottom of my heart for your continuous support throughout another uncertain year. I’m not convinced that 2022 will be a smooth start but we have great plans to ensure that we will continue as normal as possible and that 2022 will hold more exciting times ahead.

So, from myself and the Attic Team, may we take this opportunity to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and a happy and healthy 2022

Amanda x