Well, it is week 7 of our online classes and I must admit, I never thought this would have continued as long as it has. It has been a very strange time for us all, I think all of our families have been affected in some way or another.

Many of you have been ‘furloughed’, I’m sure we have key workers amongst our families (thank you), then those of us who are self employed are wondering what each week will bring. I am very grateful to be able to continue to work, I think having structure to my week seems to have helped me function through all of this uncertainty.

Not many people are blessed with what I have … amazing, young, talented people, looking back at me each week through my laptop, inspiring me to find new ways of teaching.

This journey has not been an easy one, I know many of my older students are starting to feel the pressure of home schooling and the changes it has brought and to see them struggling is heartbreaking. But although we are not with each other physically, the support I have heard from their peers has been heartwarming.

I want to say a big congratulations on your first ‘lockdown’ group songs!! ‘Imagine’ from our Juniors and ‘I will survive’ from our older students. I thought you all did amazing to record the group song individually and how wonderful it was to hear it played altogether. It was a very proud moment to see “I will Survive” and “Imagine” played this week on our local station, Notts TV!

Well done Everyone!

Stay positive, but most of all, please stay safe.